A writers’ group in Walthamstow

Forest Writers is an informal writing group set up by writers for writers. We meet twice a month, read from our recent projects and offer constructive criticism on what we've heard. It's a great platform for testing your writing on a real audience, finding out what works and getting to the heart of what doesn't.

We have the benefit of a range of experience in the group, some published, some beginners, some having attended numerous writing courses, which all culminates in an interesting ping-pong discussion of your work.

We read fiction and non-fiction, from novels-in-progress, short stories, poetry, true crime, autobiography, sci-fi to stream-of-consciousness and avant-garde. Literally (and literaturally) anything goes.

We're a sociable bunch and most meetings move on from the venue to the pub, if that's what you're into. Meetings are on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month, 8–10pm.

We are open to new members and we usually invite you along to a meeting to see if it's for you. You're welcome to read, but there's no pressure if you'd rather not. Then if you're keen to join we pay an annual subscription (£12 at the mo) and pay £3 per meeting for the venue hire. If you're interested, please contact Chris at: