A writers’ group in Walthamstow

Forest Writers meets twice a month in Walthamstow, London E17. We read our stuff, and offer constructive criticism on what we've heard. It is very much a reading-out-loud group (if you don't want to read your own writing someone else will read it for you). We read fiction and non-fiction, from novels-in-progress, short stories, poetry, true crime, autobiography, sci-fi and steampunk, to stream-of-consciousness and avant-garde. It is not as good as it sounds, but it's alright. Useful even. The best thing about it really is that it's walking distance if you're in Walthamstow. And that's the main thing, right? Occasionally we 'socialise' (restaurants, parties). The way it works is that you come along to a few meetings, read some of your writing, and if you want to join then there's a small annual subscription. Each meeting costs a few quid for the room. Membership is limited to a certain number and so the group is not always open to new members. Enquiries: