Available from The Coronzon Press: World of Dust by Joel Biroco.

Dead Posters Society Forum

NOVEMBER 2, 2017

I haven't written much in this journal since 2013, instead I've been writing on the forum. Now the forum is coming out of seclusion a little, in that I haven't linked to it for a while.

It can be found here: Dead Posters Society.

As it's been going four years now there's quite an archive of discussion on the nature of reality and self-realisation, not to mention psychonautical exploration and other more everyday things.

At first the forum was visible to anyone without signing in and it was indexed by search engines, but for the past few years it seemed better to carry on our discussions in private, so all the content has only been readable by members. But it's free to join and everyone is welcome.


Interview with me

FEBRUARY 15, 2017

Gyrus has interviewed me over at Dreamflesh.